Is becoming a JavaScript developer worth $17.96 to you?

Would you become a JavaScript developer for less than $20?

If you’re like most aspiring developers, odds are you would say yes. But there are so many options to learn the language of the web. Some might say too many options to invest in. For example:

-Do you start with the thousands of YouTube video tutorials?

-Or the hundreds of books?

-Or maybe even the millions of blog posts?

Udemy courses?

One of the most frustrating things about being a “code newbie” is that finding relevant resources can take A LOT of time. Worse, once you hit a certain point you might even wonder if it’s worth pursuing at all.

As a self-taught web developer who works largely as a JavaScript developer, I totally understand you.

I was VERY frustrated at how many instructors, authors, and bloggers assumed I knew X about JavaScript.

In reality, I hardly knew what a variable was.

One night I was browsing for some stuff online and came across a plain-looking JavaScript book. The reviews looked good, so I decided to give it a shot. The name?

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript.

a smarter way to learn javascript by mark myers

The book arrived but it ended up in my pile of other dead-end books. It wasn’t until like a month later I finally cracked it open.

And that’s when things finally started making some damn sense.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript was my gateway into learning JavaScript. It was written by an “outsider” – a gentleman and Harvard grad named Mark Myers who isn’t a techie, but really understands how new developers think. He ONLY covers the basics in the book. That’s right, no ES6, no execution stack theory, none of that. Just enough to make you dangerous.

Mark Myers headshot

Each chapter is only two or three pages, and is complemented by online exercises he built himself. While the online portion is pretty home-spun, it does a good job of testing your knowledge with multiple-choice questions, mini-challenges and fill-in-the-blanks.

There is no book that comes close to matching A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript. Sure, JavaScript & jQuery by Jon Duckett is a great book too but it’s more like an encyclopedia. It’s not something you read from front to back. And then there are the other great JavaScript books but more geared towards intermediate JavaScript developers, like Eloquent JavaScript.

On the other hand, that’s exactly what you do with A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript.

You start off with the SUPER basics. What’s a variable? What’s a function? Then you go on to some more “advanced newbie” concepts like objects.

I love that he wrote the book description in the first person. Totally unpretentious, humane and FINALLY somebody who empathizes with new coders. As he says:

…Most comprehension problems are just retention problems in disguise. If you get lost trying to understand variable scope, it’s because you don’t remember how functions work. Thanks to the interactive exercises on my website, you’ll always understand and remember everything necessary to confidently tackle the next concept.

Mark Myers, author of A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

The book is on Kindle, but unless you have two monitors, you’ll want the paperback to reference once you get to the online exercises.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript won’t make you eligible for a senior developer role at Google. However, armed with the information in the book, you’ll be on the path to JavaScript developer greatness. It’ll give you the skills to start working on JavaScript projects and the confidence to keep on coding like a JS boss.

So, I ask again: Would you become a JavaScript developer for $17.96?

A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript makes that possibility a reality.

Check out the book here!


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